True Nature of Friendship

Happy Friendship Day

The True Nature of Friendship

"...What is friendship? Is it saying, “Hello!”? 

No, not at all. Feeling of oneness is true friendship; the two must feel alike and think alike. The Telugu word Maitri (meaning friendship) has two syllables, one is mai and the other is tri. This tri stands for the three planes of a human being, namely, body, mind and soul. Thus the word maitri connotes a feeling of oneness at all these three levels. Such a state alone can be called a state of true friendship...."

"...The concept of the ideal human relationship evolves when it is inspired by love and based upon truth. Sathya (truth) and Prema (love) form the foundation of this kind of friendship. This sort of connection is divinised with the sincere mingling of the hearts. Friendship based on altruism adopts the motto: love for all and malice towards none, keeping in view the well being of others, overlooking personal interests. Such an attitude makes life enjoyable and also helps to set right the world. Such aptitudes makes persons to voluntarily give more and receive less, whereas if egoism creeps in you, then you like to receive more and give less. The difference in attitudes of egoists and altruists spells out the contradiction between the concept of ideal friendship and the actual manner in which it is interpreted in every day life.

Friendship should not be based on considerations of fear and favour. On the one hand you try to be friendly with a person who is in authority and power out of fear; and on the other hand, you try to be friendly with an affluent and a wealthy person in the hope of gaining some personal benefits. Wealth and status being temporary, our friendships will also turn out to be of transitory nature.

If a person is adopting wrong ways, a true friend should not be afraid of pointing out his errors with a view to improve him. It is not enough to merely share joy with each other but it is more important to share the sorrows with each other. Sacred friendship is that which enables one to help others, at all times and in all circumstances..."

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