Best Wishes for happy journey messages : Happy and Safe journey Saying

wishes for happy journey messages
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Collection of SMS to say happy journey, Is your friend or someone dear going away why don’t you send happy journey sms and whish good luck. Have a happy and safe journey & hope to see you again soon.

Best Wishes for happy journey messages : Happy and Safe journey Saying

I wake up thanking God that we are not lovers yet. 
Or how do you describe this incessant feeling I have for you! 
You are just some metres away and I am missing you badly.
 I just hope I am the same me when you are back. -  

Happy Journey. Reach home safely and come back soon with more strength, confidence and happiness. I will be waiting for you.

Don’t waste your life looking at the past. Treasure the happy memories, enjoy today and look forward to tomorrow. Life is a journey, enjoy the trip.

I am going to need you during this time but remember that you will be waiting here with open arms and willing to surrender all to you, my love.

You have to chase what seems impossible, over and over and over again. Because giving up is not an option. And when you feel like you have reached your peak, it’s just the beginning. Have a fun trip!

Let me pray for a safe and sound journey for you
I hope this journey will give you a peace of mind and rest of soul if you dare to complete this journey without missing me 

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