18th Birthday wishes for Girlfriend

8th birthday wishes can be funny or serious — or both. But they should never be clichĂ©d in any way. The average 18 year old has seen and heard it all, so "corny" is out of the question.

18th birthday wishes for girlfriend

✫    To my girl on her birthday, you’re the sweetest, most loving girl a guy could ask for. Happy 18th.
✫    To my wonderful girlfriend, may all your wishes come true on your special day. 

✫    You’re special and I love you, may your special day be filled with joy. Happy birthday! 

✫    Girlfriend, it’s your special day. Let’s spend the day together and have some fun. It’s not every day you turn 18.

✫    My love, I wish we will have many more days with joy, adventures and romance just the two of us and that you will always be mine and I will always be yours. 

✫    You are a very special woman and today is your birthday so I thank God that made you so perfect and I wish you all the love and good in the world and s ending you kisses and hugs. 

✫    To the number one in my heart and my dearest friend that is always there. Happy birthday and a loving year. 

✫    You look gorgeous every time I see you no matter where we may be. There’s something so very fantastic about you that brings out the beauty I see. Happy Birthday my girlfriend my princess! 

✫    A thousand words won’t be able to describe your shining beauty, a thousand words wont be able to express what is in my heart, happy birthday my love. 

✫    The past gave us wonderful memories. Today brings us into the here and now of togetherness. Tomorrow we’ll create more wonderful moments in time. Happy Birthday, Beautiful! 

✫    Here's a hundred and one hugs for the sweetest girl on this continent. Happy 18th birthday!

✫    My best wishes for you, my special 18 year-old-old on this milestone day. Since I'm unable to be with you there in person, here's an extra special text! Happy birthday!

✫    May God fulfill all your wishes and send you his blessings along with mine in this text. I pray to God for your bright future. Happy 18th birthday!

✫    From 8 to 18, you've left your childhood cocoon to a full-grown butterfly now. Happy birthday from many miles away to the newest, prettiest adult in town.

✫    I hope that the light of the newborn sun today welcomed you to the beginning of your adulthood. Best wishes to you on your birthday, dear.

✫    Happy 18th birthday, beautiful! Here's to you and many more wonderful birthdays. Hope I get to spend the next one with you.

✫    Someone like you is hard to come by -- here's to us and many more years of friendship /sisterhood/ love. Wish I could be there. Enjoy your day, birthday girl!

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  1. Sorry to say wishing you late But Heart fully saying Happy Birthday wishes to you have a great day