Sweet 16th Birthday Greeting Wishes Messages

Sweet 16th Birthday Greeting Wishes Messages

Free sweet 16th birthday messages, wishes, sayings to personalize your birthday ecards, greeting cards or send SMS text messages
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Sweet 16th Happy Birthday Greeting Wishes MessagesWhat a significant age that 16 will be. It's an age when you are dared to dream. It's an age when you start to understand there's a lot to learn in life. It's an age in which you'll believe that your future is exceptionally bright! Happy 16th birthday!

Being 16 years old is a milestone in everybody’s life because that’s practically the last day they enjoy the life with friends & parents! Enjoy Happy Birthday special for you.. Imagine a life full of fun, loaded with friends, and with a brightness that could light up the sky...that's what I wish for you on your 16th birthday! Happy Birthday!May 16 bring hopes and dreams and a belief you can accomplish anything. May 16 bring you laughter and cheer for a happy birthday and an even happier year!
Haha. Just Kidding. May your 16th birthday mark many more important milestones of your life.
Sweet 16 is sweet for a reason
For joy, happiness and fun, this is the season
Being carefree and happy is the order of the day
I’m here to wish you a Happy 16th Birthday! Enjoy your 16th birthday because you’re only 4 years away from taking on the boring responsibilities of life! Smart Happy 16th Birthday 
You just don't know...You just don't know how amazing it has been to watch you become such a fabulous young lady. You just don't know how time seems to have flown by...and in an instant you were who you are. You just don't know that you are outstanding inspiration. Since, you don't know...I felt I should tell you today! Happy 16th Birthday!.May the 16th year of your life bring you the courage to soar higher, the confidence to take unprecedented action, the humility to accept your mistakes and the tolerance to understand others. May this be the best year of your life. Happy 16th Birthday. Smiles and giggles, happy thoughts, may you get them in abundance today. Birthday gifts and a great big wish, I'm wrapping and sending your way! Happy 16th Birthday!It’s time to celebrate your youth and your threshold to adulthood, your innocence and your threshold to maturity, your freedom and your threshold to responsibility, Joy the youth age of 16th Happy Birthday! At 16, you’ve officially got the right to eat more cake, & more love, more allowance and become more annoying. Isn’t it a great occasion of life to be in? Happy 16th Birthday! On your 16th Birthday, I wish that you live long life with happiness & joy the life with friends and family members. Happy 16th Birthday! Say good bye to bullying in school and welcome dating, say goodbye to empty chat and welcome mature talk, say goodbye to the school van to welcome your college bus! Wishing you 16th Birthday with youth generation.. Happy Birthday! Being 16 is superb because you can opportunely act grown up and dumb as and when you need to. Enjoy the life with Enjoy happiness Happy Birthday! At 16, you’ve officially got the right to eat more cake, & more love, more allowance and become more annoying. Isn’t it a great occasion of life to be in? Genius Happy 16th Birthday! At 16, you decide what you will make of your life ? a daring adventure or just nothing. Happy 16th smart Birthday!
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