Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Happy birthday to our daughter dear
Whose behaviour is often quite queer?
She is never very alone
As she is surgically attached to her phone
So check it today for your birthday greetings too
And try not to drop it down the loo!
Happy Birthday Shannon
Hope your birthday is lots of fun!
You,be been counting the days for
Your birthday to arrive
You,ve been waiting so long for
The day you turn 5
Well (name) we,d just like to say
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you on your 
your special day
Daughters are special
More so on their Birthday
You my daughter grow sweeter by the day
The joy you give me is one of happiness
and knowing that you care
My daring daughter have a wonderful Birthday
It seems like only yesterday,
I bounced you on my knee,
We'd go and feed the ducks some bread,
Those times meant so much to me,
We'd play simple games like hide and seek,
You'd disappear behind every tree,
Oh how those years so quickly passed,
For my little girl and me,
Now a young lady stands before my eyes,
So beautiful a vision to see,
But you will always be in my eyes,
The little girl I bounced on my knee.
I always find it pleasant
When it is your birthday
To shop and find a present
Which I know you will love and cherish
Youre such a wonderful daughter
and we send this card to say,
a very happy birthday dear
on this your special day.
Happy birthday daughter,
Hope your birthday proves to be,
The very best of birthdays,
That you will ever see,
May joy and happiness surround you,
As friends and family stop by to say,
May your life be richly blessed,
On this your special day.
It seems like only yesterday
a little girl was born -
The centre of attention
who took our hearts by storm
And even now you're all grown up
there is a sense somehow
That the way things were back then
is still as they are right now.
For every thought about you
creates such warmth in side
And you're still the shining centre 
of a world of love and pride.
With frills and lace and all things pink,
The years just rolled on by,
My little charming daughter,
You were always by my side,
A beautiful woman you have become,
With a family of your own,
How proud I am to have watched you,
And loved you as you've grown,
So now your special day is here,
I wish a happy one for you,
Then may the year that lies ahead,
Be perfect for you too.
Today is a Special Day as a
Specia Daughter is having a Birthday
We Hope You Have the Best Day Ever
And Get Lots of Presents and Spoiling
Have A Wonderful Day
Happy Birthday
Thirty Seven years of pure Joy
Is how i feel about you
The Day you were born
A special Light came to me
You have a beautiful Spirit
And so easy to Love
Have a wonderful Birthday my Darling Daughter

Hope this wish will make you smile
As we let you know how loved you are
We are lucky to have a Daughter as
Nice as you
Have a wonderful Birthday Daughter and and enjoy every minute of your Special day
Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter
Happy Birthday to my little girl
Happy Birthday, it makes me happy
To send love to my little girl
To our very special daughter
on her very special day
You mean so much to both of us
In each and every way.

The love & care you give to others
We send to you today
For in our hearts we are so proud
To have you in our lives.

Happy Birthday
I made this birthday card
Especially for you
To show our love and affection
Plus sending good wishes too
We were very happy when you were born
The best of all our days
A beautiful little daughter
To cherish and love always

A now that you are grown up
Your smile lights up our days
You have made our lives complete
With your kind and loving ways
I am sending this card to
my Special Daughter
Just to let you know 
you are loved so much 
and thought about 
every day.
Happy Birthday
You are my Special daughter
I have watched you grow
You have made me laugh
you have made me cry
but most of all
you have made me proud

Happy Birthday
I've been blessed with a wonderful daughter,
Who has a kind and generous soul,
Who thinks of others before herself,
Making people happy is her goal,
But today is very special,
Dear daughter it's just for you,
So we're wishing you a wonderful birthday,
Because that's exactly what you're due.
Lilies, roses, forget me nots too
Are colourful flowers that remind me of you
As straight as a lily, as delicate as a rose
In your beautiful complexion your happiness shows
Your Birthday is a time 
for sending
wishes warm and true
these wishes I am sending
are especially for you
because you are 
such a Special Daughter
We wish you all the love in the world dear daughter on your birthday.

Your smile lights up the room when you come home to visit us.

All our love on your special day.
"Happy Birthday" means much more than
"Have a Happy Day"
Within these words lie lots of things
We never get to say.
It means we love you first of all,
Then thanks for all you do,
It means you mean the world to us,
And that we're very proud of you
This card shows a bouquet of flowers
Their beauty reminds me of you
Of the day you were born
And the person you are
Of your beautiful character too

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