Top 10 Best Deodorant for Men in India 2015

A Deodorants not just fight body odor but also boosts self confidence in men. The good thing about deodorants is it helps you to sweat less yet keep your skin moisturized and smell good all day long. The Indian market is also full of best deodorant brands for men. They are in fact everywhere, from online shop to every brick and mortar store in the country. Below are the top 10 most popular men’s deodorant marketed in India. Read on for details:

1. Axe Phoenix Deodorant Body Spray

Axe Phoenix is one of the best selling deo sprays for men in India. The sporty, traditional scent provides long-lasting fragrance. Few of the nodes include lavender, geranium, and citrus that gives away classic, fruity, fresh protection on hot spots like chest, neck and underarms. Read Review


2. Nike Original Men Deodorant Spray

Nike Original Men Deodorant Spray is another good fragrance suited for men in almost any occasion. It is an anti perspiration body spray that teases and seduces your soul. It is known for its long lasting freshness and fragrance that stays on for one whole day. The spray has an intense appeal.


3. Fogg Fresh Spicy Body Spray

Fogg is another famous men’s deodorant brand in India. It has natural antibacterial properties that show the essence of a truly classy man. It delivers a soothing enchanting fragrance get rid of perspiration and body odors all day long. It is the ultimate weapon to seduce women with free spirit and strong smell.


4. Park Avenue Good Morning Deo Spray

Park Avenue Good Morning Deo Spray offers a soothing long lasting fragrance, kinda spicy and sensual. This one of the leading brands of deodorant is known for its signature irresistible masculine fragrance. It prevents body odor from all the hot spots and give a sheer hike to your confidence level. Pros
  • Fresh feeling all day long
  • Excellent blend of spicy and sensual accords
  • Use of international standard fragrances
  • Easy to use and travel friendly

5. Wild Stone Body Deodorant Aqua Fresh

This irresistibly masculine body spray from Wild Stone is one of the most marketed deodorants in India. It protects and invigorates your skin. This fabulous Aqua Fresh body spray keeps you refreshed and energized all day long. This male grooming brand has always been a hit in India.

6. Nivea Fresh Active Original Deodorant Spray

Price : Rs. 175 (MRP) Nivea Fresh Active is another famous deodorant body spray available for men in India. It is enriched with the goodness of various refreshing extracts to keep your body energized all day long. It has a unique masculine fragrance that acts as the driving force to attract ladies. It keeps your mood fresh and revitalized.

7. Reebok Reecharge Deodorant Spray Reebok Reecharge is known for the refreshing long lasting fragrance that lingers upon application. Enriched with the goodness of natural extracts, this highly marketed top deodorant spray is a perfect combination of fresh grass, mint, musk and the wonderful eucalyptus for the irresistible fragrance.


8. Playboy Vegas Deodorant Spray

Deodorant spray from Playboy comprises of a mixture of fragrance such as basil, apple, lavender, musk, geranium, jasmine, georgywood, vanilla, tonka, tea etc. This unique combination ‘complements the charming daredevil’ and adds up to your personality.


9. Garnier Men Mineral Deodorant

This antiperspirant deodorant from Garnier contains extract of mineralite that keeps your skin moisturized for long hours. It aids your skin to breathe and the instant cooling sensation keeps freshness intact for almost 48 hours. The aromatic fragrance makes you the center of attraction in any event.

10. Yardley Gentleman Deodorant Spray

Yardley Gentleman as the name suggest is known for its lingering fragrance and 24-hour protection against body sweat and keep you refreshed all day long. The modern masculine fragrance and wooden aroma prevents body odors and perspiration.

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