Top 10 Shoe Brands in India

A shoe is an important for footwear intended to protect and comfort the human foot. Shoes are also used as an decoration purpose. The design of shoes has varied gradually through time to time, with appearance originally being tied to function. 

Following are the leading shoe brands of India:


Reebok is one of the leading global brands for lifestyle and sports products. It has a commendable tradition and is one of the most authoritative brands in this domain. The brand is focused on creating products, which show the wish and originality needed to constantly come up with new challenges for the established norms. Its shoes are available in Men’s, Girls, Women’s, Sports, Boys, Classics categories:


Bata India is the biggest maker and retailer of shoes in the country and belongs to the Bata Shoe Organization. It was established during 1931 as Bata Shoe Company Private Limited. Its Batanagar manufacturing facility is also the first of its kind in India to have been given the ISO: 9001 certification. Its major product categories are: Women,  Kids, Men


Nike is a global footwear, accessories, apparel, services, and equipment brand that is based at Portland, Oregon. It is the global leader in athletic apparel and footwear as well as sports equipment. Its revenue is presently US$ 24.1 billion and it has at least 44 thousand employees around the world. Its present worth is approximately US$ 10.7 billion making it the top sports business brand in that regard. It is a Fortune 500 company as well.


Adidas is one of the most popular shoe brands in India and its sneakers, fashion oriented, and sports shoes are highly sought after. The company was founded by Dassler brothers - Adi and Rudolph - who came up with the first soccer shoes that had studs.


Liberty Shoes has been in the business for more than 5 decades and is globally known. At present its yearly revenue is at least INR 600 crore and it is one of the leading 5 global makers of leather footwear. It operates in 25 countries including France, Germany, and Italy and has 150 distributors, at least 6000 multi brand showrooms, and 400 exclusive outlets around the world. It has also received the ISO 9001:2000 official recognition.


Woodland is owned by Aero Group that has been in the business of outdoor shoes since the early 50s. The brand was introduced during 1992. At present, the brand has 350 exclusive outlets across the world and is present in at least 3000 multi brand stores in several countries.


Valentino is the brainchild of Guru Shoes Tech Private Limited. The company’s head offices are situated at Agra and it was set up during 1985 by Moti Lal Daultani.

Converse, a leading American brand, deals with athletic apparel and lifestyle fashion in addition to footwear. It is presently owned by Nike and was set up during February 1908 in Malden, Massachusetts. At present its head offices are at North Andover in the same state. Its shoes are available in  Kids, Men, Sales, Women
Collections  ranges:


Lancer is one of the leading shoe makers in India. The organization was incorporated during 1989 and its head offices are at Udyog Nagar, Delhi. It offers products in the following range:
PVC footwear, Air slippers, Sports shoes, Belly, Sandals, Moccasin,  School shoes,  Canvas, PU slippers,
Kids range,


Lotto is one of the leading global brands in footwear. It offers a wide range of shoes comprising the following:  Laceless, Shock-Off , ReactiveArch, Stitched Outsole , Syn-Pulse, Longlast 40, Heel Control
Dry Out Tech Side Stability Support, Puntoflex, Foot Arch Support, Reactive Insole, Dual Density


Red Tape is famous for its unmatched comfort, and wide range of styles. It is owned by Mirza International Limited and it was launched during 1996. It is represented by Bollywood star Salman Khan and is now the leading lifestyle brand of India. In addition to footwear it deals in accessories and apparels. It primarily deals in men’s footwear that comes in 3 ranges - casuals, slippers and sandals, and fashion formals.


Hitz was established during 1990 and its head offices are at Agra. It deals in men’s shoes and following are its major ranges:
Brutni , Splash, Churchill, Zara, Goldy


Puma is one of the world leaders when it comes to sports and lifestyle products such as footwear, accessories, and apparels. Apart from the Puma brand, the synonymous parent group owns Tretorn, and Cobra Golf. Its registered offices are at Herzogenaurach in Germany. Its footwear comes in the following ranges:
Men, Sport, Women,  Motorsport, Lifestyle,


Paragon was introduced during 1975 and its head offices are at Kerala. At present it operates through 16 depots across the country and 300 distributors, who form the backbone of the company. Apart from shoes, the organization also deals in school bags and solid tyres.


Relaxo started operations during 1976 and officially became a company during 1984 and went public during 1995. The company earned in excess of INR 8700 million in 2011-12 and has a current daily manufacturing rate of 3 lakh pieces. Its 9 manufacturing units are located in northern India.


Action Shoes are owned by Action Group, one of the top conglomerates of India. Action Shoes have been in the footwear industry since 30 years and has millions of consumers across India.


Tirubala is one of the leading footwear makers of India. The company operates with designers from Italy and Spain and focuses primarily on summer footwear. It also works for European retailers like Esprit, Bershka, Zara, Topshop, and Mango, as well as brands such as Gioseppo and Mexx.


Fila is one of the biggest brands of the world when it comes to sportswear including athletic shoes, accessories, and clothing. The company was established during 1911 in Italy and at present its head offices are at Seoul, South Korea. It operates in 11 countries across the world


Inblu was established in Surat, Gujarat during 1997 as Condor Footwear (India) Ltd in association with Condor Trade SRL, one of the leading footwear companies from Italy. At present, the company has a manufacturing capacity of 40,000 pairs each day. It offers sandals and slippers for men, children, and women in addition to related accessories. 

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