Deepcool Multicore X8 Cooling Pad review

Deepcool Multicore X8 Cooling Pad image gallery and specification

Deepcool Multicore X8 Cooling PadDeepcool Multicore X8 Cooling Pad 

List Price: Rs.2900
Our Price: Rs.2100
best cooling pad for gaming laptops
here is detailed specification and images of Deepcool Multicore X8 Cooling Pad


i. It has four built in fans.

ii. It also has four different fan working status
       a) all four fans on
       b) two upper fans on
      c) two lower fans on
      d) all four fans off

iii. 2 USB ports to allow user to connect their personal USB devices

iv. compatible with 17 inch notebooks and below

v. overall dimension is 381*268*29 mm
vi. fan dimension is 100*100*15 mm speed is 1300 rpm
viii. net weight is 1290 g
ix. noise produced is 28dB
x. power input through USB is 1~2 watt 

CategoryCooling Pad
ModelMulticore X8
Size17 inch
Warranty Summary1 YEAR WARRANTY
Warranty Service TypeCARRY IN WARRANTY. CALL 09230020999 OR EMAIL




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