List of best Bengali restaurants in  Delhi-NCR for authentic Bengali food. Here’s the list of best Bengali restaurants in  Delhi-NCR.

List of best bengali Restaurant in Delhi - NCR

Maa Tara Restaurant

Address: Shop No45, 46 & 47, 
Wardrobe CR Park, Market No.2, 
Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi, Delhi 110019, India
Phone:+91 11 2627 7029
Maa Tara Restaurant is one of the best places to get authentic Bengali food. The place is more than 20 years old and has been popular for its homely good food. The best part, food is cooked in mustard oil (sarson ka tel). The place is very cheap and will not cost you more than Rs 500 for two people.
Must try if you are a true foodie.

Oh! Calcutta Restaurant

Address: Ground Floor, International Trade Towers, E Block, Nehru Place, New Delhi
Phone: 011 30402415
Phone: 011 30402417

Known For
Authentic Bengali cuisine and do not miss the Misti Doi and Rosogulla
What should you order?
Mutton Jhol, Chholar Daal, Chingri Malai Curry, Koshar Mangsho, Freshwater whole Bekti in Spicy Tomato, Bekti Fried Fish - Calcutta Style
Oh! Calcutta Restaurant is all about authentic Bengali food. The décor and the ambience of the place is such that it will make you feel Bengali. There are various tasty Bengali delicacies offered on their menu served with authentic Bengali flavors. Their service is quick and staffs are friendly.
Some of their popular dishes are Bekti Fish-Calcutta Style, Steamed Mustard Fish, Koshar Mangsho, Freshwater whole Bekti in Spicy Tomato, Misti Doi and Rosogulla.
Pricing is very reasonable and a meal for two here costs approximately Rs 1800.

Aamantran Bangla

Aamantran Bangla is one of the popular food delivery joints in East Delhi. The Aamantran Bangla serves tasty food at reasonable price, costs under Rs 900. The place is known for fresh and homely made, delicious Bengali food. Loochi-Kasa Mutton, Prawn Paturi, Prawn Malai Curry, Fish in Mustard are some of the most popular dish they serve.

City of Joy

Address: Unit #2, 1st Floor, 
Aravali Shopping Complex, 
Alaknanda, New Delhi, Delhi 110019, India
Phone:+91 88003 48633
City of Joy is another popular Bengali restaurant in New Delhi, known for Known for their Bengali fish dishes. You must try Rui Kalia, Ilish Sarse and Fish Kabiraji. They also have a host of veg dishes to offer including Mochar Ghonto, Shukto, Dhokar Dalna and Alu Jhinge Posto. A meal for two costs approximately Rs 1000 only.
Their décor is simple complemented with quick service. Staffs are friendly and will ensure that you have a good experience.

Kolkata Biryani House

Kolkata Biryani House is a small take away joint in Chittaranjan Park (CR Park), New Delhi. The place serves awesome Bengali style Biriyani and mouth-watering kebabs. The Bengali style Biriyani is less spicier and cooked with boiled egg and potato. The best part, the Kolkata Biryani is cooked in mustard oil (sarson ka tel). The food is highly affordable, costs approximately Rs 650 for two people.


Hangla is another small takeaway outlet which serves Bengali fast food and Calcutta dishes. They also serve Kolkata Biryani, both veg and non-veg. They have a very small dine-ins pace with limited seating arrangements. They offer home delivery services which means you can enjoy your food at home. A budget place, meal for two here costs approximately Rs 400.


This is another small Bengali restaurant that knows what Bengali food lovers want. From the main course to the desserts, the food here is authentic, perfectly prepared, and quickly served. Once you eat their Mochar (Banana Flower) Chop and Fish Fry, you will keep coming back for more. A meal for two here costs approximately Rs 500.

Maachh Bhaat

Maachh Bhaat is the most popular Bengali restaurant in Gurgaon for authentic Calcutta-Bengali food. They also serve tasty Oriya food which makes the place very special. The food is cooked in mustard oil with authentic Bengali spices and served in in steel and brass utensils.  The restaurant is small, neat and cosy.  The staff are very polite, eager to help you to make your stay comfortable. It’s a wonderful place to enjoy homely food at great value for money.
Besides the regular printed menu card, they also offer their menu on whiteboards, hanging from the wall.


Poribeshon, earlier known as Charnock Place, is a Bengali treat for food lovers. Poribeshon is widely popular as a takeaway shop which also has a few seating options. Poribeshon serves delicious bengali food at reasonable prices, costs Rs 800 for two people. Their signature dishes are kasha mangsho , moglai paratha, Kolkata style biryani, Kosha Mangsho and Chingri Maacher Malaikari. They also serve Fish Platter, which consists of Shaada Bhaat, Chholar Dal, Begun Bhaja, Dalna, Chorchori, Rosogolla and Maacher Jhol. Highly recommended for all Bengali food lovers.


An exclusive restaurant known as the Bengali cuisine specialist. The place is accepted to serve fresh and delicious Bengali food. The place has a simple ambience with limited menu, but every dish they serve speaks Bengali. The servings and the quality are definitely value for money. Probashi serves delicious Bengali food at reasonable prices and costs around Rs 800 for two people.  The only downside, parking is always a messy affair.

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