Biography of Junior Ntr

Junior NTR is the grandson of Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao. Born on May 20, 1983, Junior NTR started his career as a junior artist with roles in Brahmarshi Viswamithra and then Bala Ramayanam, directed by Gunasekhar in 1996 and rose to become one of the best film actors in the telugu film industry. He is getting married to Narne Lakshmi Pranathi.

Junior NTR in Print / Television Commercials

Junior NTR appears in commercials of Navratna Hair Oil, Malabar God & Diamonds (2012) amongst others

Other information

He was in Visakhapatnam at the end of January 2013 to release a coffee table book entitled Brides of India.

Junior NTR's Hits And Flops list !!!!!!
S.No. Movie Result
1. Ninnu Choodalani Flop
2. Student Number One Super Hit
3. Subbu Flop
4. Aadi Super Hit
5. Allari Ramudu Average
6. Naaga Flop
7. Simhadri Super Hit
8. Andhrawala Utter Flop
9. Samba Average
10. Naa Alludu Utter Flop
11. Narasimhudu Utter Flop
12. Ashok Flop
13. Rakhi Average
14. Yamadonga Super Hit
15. Kantri Below Average
16. Adurs Above Average
17. Brindavanam Hit
18. Shakti Utter Flop
19 . Oosaravelli Flop
20. Dammu Flop
N.B. While calculating hit-flop ratio, averages, above averages, hits, super hits, blockbusters and industry hits are taken as 'HITS' and while calculating flops, below averages, flops and utter flops are considered as 'FLOPS'.


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